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I’m busting out of my unintentional month long hiatus with a celebratory post! One of my goals this year was to run 10K and I’m happy to say that I as of May 1, 2011 – I can cross it off of my list!

I completed the run in 52 min 51 seconds which is FANTASTIC and I was thoroughly surprised. Though I had a mental goal of making it under an hour, I didn’t think it would happen because I didn’t do any proper training (thank goodness I had been going to BodyAttack!) and I absolutely hated the first 60% of the run. This is what went through my head:

Warming up at the start line: whoohoo, so pumped, I can DO THIS!
First 100 m: Feelin’ good!
500 m: Geez, it’s kinda cold out here…
1k: OMG it’s FREEZING.
1.25k: I hate this
1.5k: WHO DOES THIS!?!?!
1.75k: WAAAH, I’m so cold.
2k: I should really just turn back now…
2.25k: This really sucks. My fingers are turning blue.
2.5k: No, no! Think positive. You’ll start to warm up soon.
2.75k: FML
3k: If my tearducts weren’t frozen, I’d have tears on my face.
3.25k: Suck it up, Jen
3.5k: Think someone will notice if I cut out and hop on the subway towards the finish line?
4k: Whyyyy did I sign up for this?
4.5k: Dear god, these old people are beating me!
4.75k: I’m never going to make it.
5k: Oh yay! Half way done!
5.5k: What? Another 4.5 km? Whyyyyy?
6k: YEAH!
6.5k: I can do this.
7k: I CAN DO THIS!!!
7.5k: Thanks right, bitches! Eat my dust!
8k: Two kilometres to go!
8.5k: I think I’m high!
9k: Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
9.75k: YAYYYYYYY!!!! (sprints)
10k: WHOO HOO!
Post-race: That’s it?!

After the race, I met up with a friend and we snapped a pic with the coolest runners ever! Whether the chicken or the egg came first, they wouldn’t really say but at least they were nice and warm in their furry costumes!

10k finish line
Finally, brunch with the team at the Brazen Head in Liberty Village. My eggs benedict were divine and the perfect post-run meal!

brunch at brazen head


growing bamboo plant

Wow. A month has gone by so quickly! I have been blogging for a month (34 posts!) and have been little of little working towards my 2011 goals.

Things I have been doing to reach my goals!
1. Going to hot yoga and BodyAttack at least once a week since the end of January. It has been wonderful to get back into the practice.
2. Taking lots of pictures (and posting them here on my Flickr – I even bought a Pro Account). Perhaps not one per day but sometimes several in one day!
3. Participating in Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge in hopes of finding new and exciting ways of wearing what I already own.
4. Cooking and baking up a storm. Things I’ve made: green tea muffins and cheesecakes, avocado and tomato salad with pita chips, spicy vegetarian chili, savoury rosemary olive cheese scones.
5. Still working on the last book in the Golden Compass trilogy but have already lined up my next two books (A Thousand Days in Venice & That Summer in Sicily by Marlena de Blasi)
6. Acquired seeds for parsley, spicy pepper, garlic chives, and basil from Ming. I’m collecting cute jars and containers to start growing them in March!
7. Have scheduled coffee dates with friends and taking advantage of my texting plan!
8. Spent lots of time around Chinese New Year’s with the fam and make an effort to spend at least one day at home with them.

There are things on my action list that I hope to make headway on in the coming month, like sign up for a 10k!

Photo credit: Flickr (charitykennedy)

If I’m going to meet my 2011 goals, I definitely need to assess where I am currently at and create an action plan! I really like making lists…

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I thought it only appropriate that I kick off my renewed commitment to blogging by jotting down my goals for the year. I was inspired by this post. If it’s on the world wide wide, then it’s real and I’m accountable, right? So here goes…

  • To run a 10K by June 30th, 2011
  • To attend 2 cardio classes/week, 1 day of running, and hot yoga at least 2x per month (in addition to my 2 BodyFlow classes)
  • To sew 4 things this year (including a pencil skirt for a friend which I promised to her 3 years ago)
  • To accessorize more and to shop my closet (fashion goals inspired by TinyTines and Kendi Everyday’s 30 for 30 challenge)
  • To read at least 1 book per month
  • To cook at least once per week
  • To take at least 1 picture per week
  • To plant a herb & vegetable garden
  • To run an event for GoodLife Kids Foundation
  • To spend more time with family
  • To keep in touch with friends more often via phone, email, dates,etc.

And finally, to be more spontaneous! I’m sure this list of change and grow but at least it’s a start! Do you have goals? If so, please share them and perhaps we can achieve them together!

Photo credit: Flickr CubaGallery