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belleville on the water
(my favourite photo from the weekend – houses along the waterfront)

During my splendid getaway to Niagara-on-the-lake, one of my companions mentioned Picton, Ontario as a place to visit, particularly for their abundance of homemade jam. After a quick Google search, not only did I find places to buy jam, I stumbled upon the Great Canadian Cheese Festival!

great canadian cheese festival
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Vietnamese spring rolls with peanut sauce

Spring? Spring rolls? Get it? I think it’s probably the closest I’m going to get to spring in the next couple weeks or so. I mean, how can it be that it snowed today? Isn’t it April and shouldn’t we be digging out our sunhats and swimsuits? I simply cannot wait until spring is sprung!

Even with the unpredictable weather, this weekend was a great one!

I checked out the Yoga Show with a friend, followed by dinner at Fresh (bbq burger with quinoa onion rings were delish!). Saturday morning was a fitness filled one with BodyAttack, BodyFlow and BodyFlow (round 2), then a night of dancing. Today started off wonderfully with a 45+ member BodyFlow class. The afternoon was filled with tying up lots of loose ends from switching jobs and some time in the kitchen making spring rolls!
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coconut curry with quinoa
Quinoa is something I wish I ate more of – packed full of protein and easy to make! Sometimes, I’ll have dinner and then be hungry two hours later but just a bowl of this was satisfying and filling. Not sure why, but anything out of my mum’s spice cupboard seems to be spiked with chili powder. The curry powder my mum had? Yeah, WAY spicier than regular curry powder (but still not as spicy as the chili powder I used here!)

I used this recipe and made a few adaptations to suit what I had available at home.

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plated vegetarian chili
spicy vegetarian chili
When I was little, I was apparently nicknamed, in Chinese, “little spicy pepper”. My parents’ friends all had sons, so I was the only girl, forced to play with a bunch of smelly boys. The story goes that I (in my defence, I’m sure!) would slap the boys if they so much as tried to mess with me. (I don’t remember any of this. I was a perfect angel.)

My spicy nickname clearly didn’t translate to my taste buds as eating spicy foods causes my eyes to water and nose to run and I guzzle water to stop the burning sensation.

So why then, did I decide to make a huge pot of spicy vegetarian chilli? Well I didn’t…I had intended this to be a non-spicy chilli and the spicy bit was added in by mistake. Actually, it was because I ignored my mom’s comment, “Are you sure you want to put in that many jalapenos?” and when she tried to stop me from putting in chili powder, I said, “Pffft” and dumped in a tablespoon of chilli powder (she told me later that she reserves this chilli powder to make hot sauce…).

After a taste test, I ended up fishing out the jalapenos halfway through and added a tablespoon of sugar to balance out the spiciness. Other than that, I think it turned out great!

I adapted this chili recipe from jenloveskev.

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