three generations
(me, my mom, my mom’s mom – can you tell we’re related? *wink*)

Last weekend, my cousin got married (I tell you, it’s wedding season!). It was a lovely small, family affair that took place in downtown Toronto.

The ceremony took place at The Toronto Wedding Chapel, which I didn’t even know existed. When I hear “wedding chapel” I think of crazy folks who get hitched at an Elvis themed room but it was a beautiful, tasteful, bright space.

taking vows
I tried my hardest to not tear up and almost succeeded…until I looked over at the bride’s mom who was bawling her eyes out.

family portrait
After a relaxed, 20 minute ceremony, we had the chance to take some photos with the newlyweds. Rarely does my family get together, all dressed up so these photos are capturing a special moment!

spring rolls
The reception took place at Thai Classic Cuisine. Delicious shrimp chips, mango and papaya salad, lamb curry, basil chicken, pad thai, spring rolls, and cupcakes. (Hey, how come their spring rolls look so good vs. my sad attempt?)

custom wedding logo
thank you tags
Both my cousin and my new cousin in law are graphic designers to naturally, the invites, place cards, and thank you gift (t-shirts!) were all cool and professional. They even designed their own logo! (Damn them and their wicked talents!)

It’s official! Congrats to the happy couple! *happy dance*