30 for 30 daily outfit - day 22

(blazer from urban behaviour, sweater from jacob, jeans from some store in the U.S.)

So does it count as cheating if I swapped out a shirt I haven’t worn with jeans? I should have selected jeans to be part of my 30 items from the get go – what was I thinking!

This week is another busy week so don’t mind if I’m MIA around here. For work, I am manning a booth at a cross country roadshow for customers. Last week it was Edmonton. This week, it’s Toronto and Ottawa. Coming up are Vancouver and Montreal. I used to think business travel would be glamourous and fun but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! I mean, I hardly got a chance to enjoy the hotel’s plush, king sized bed, big screen tv, and room service or check out local attractions. And wouldn’t it be awesome if these shows took place in a nice, warm climate, like Hawaii?