30 for 30 day 21 daily outfit
30 for 30 day 21 daily outfit
(dress from banana republic, shirt from jacob, belt from my mom’s closet, socks from taiwan, boots [not pictured] from aldo)

I’m on day 21! Only 9 more to go. I don’t know if I’ll make it…I want my closet back! I had to try to do a self portrait yesterday and as you can see, didn’t turn out so well. Finally I gave up and asked my parents to take it for me. I don’t normally do this and here’s why…it took about 10 minutes to take 2 shots! But they started to really get into it and did all these photographer poses, with their knees bent and one eye squinted. And when their got their stance all ready, they couldn’t find the button. It was really cute.

30 for 30 day 21 daily outfit
Let me introduce you to my companion in the photo.

First name: Holy
Last name: Cow
Also known as: Moo
Likes: Cuddling
Dislikes: Being sat on

Adopted from my local Superstore for $5. His milky brown eyes called out to me as he sat all alone on the bottom shelf. I just had to take him home.

Can you tell I have a soft spot for all things furry and cuddly?

Happy weekend!