west edmonton mall hotel - igloo room
(igloo room at the Fantasyland Hotel in the West Edmonton mall)

Boy, is it good to be back home! A business trip took me westward to Edmonton, Alberta this week and it has given me a greater appreciation for my home city and an understanding of why they call it the Great White North! The cold and wind there were BONE-CHILLING and the snowy landscape was seemingly endless.

And no, I didn’t get to stay in the igloo room! I sure was disappointed that I didn’t even get a chance to go check out the West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping complex in North America! Ever since I was a a kid I’ve wanted to go there – I mean, who wouldn’t! They have an amusement park and ice rink and themed streets in there!

    Now that I look back on my trip, it seems to be marked with several accidents and injuries:

  • on the way from the airport to the conference centre, there were about 5 cars stranded in ditches. (Also, I found it strange that they don’t plough all their streets and I’m telling you, there is SO much snow! In Toronto, there is an inch of snow and the city comes to a standstill!)
  • my boss walked into a pane of glass and split his lip, landing him in the hospital for stitches
  • a co-worker who recently had knee surgery may have re-injured his knee due to some heavy lifting
  • on my plane ride back to Toronto, the guy sitting next to me was walking to the bathroom and passed out (luckily, there was medical personnel on the flight!)

It has been an exhausting 3 days and I unfortunately, had to take a break from my 30 for 30 since the event required business professional attire. I took my camera with me but didn’t even pull it out of my bag since the days were so busy and by the time I got back to my room I just tumbled into bed – just like I’m about to do now…