day 19 30 for 30 challenge daily outfit day 19 daily outfit 30 for 30 challenge day 19 daily outfit 30 for 30 challenge day 19 30 for 30 challenge daily outfit

(cardigan from ralph lauren, purple long sleeve tee from ann taylor, scarf from street vendor in barcelona, pants from levis, boots from joe fresh)

Decided to mix it up a little in my photos yesterday. Was tired of the regular stance! So here’s a quick guide on how to get a mini-workout at the office.

1) Wall squats. Next time you call a meeting, forget the chairs. Just have everyone do a wall squat. And leave the meetings with extra firm buns.

2) Slow-mo power walk. Work on your balance by exaggerating your power walk and doing them really, really slowly.

3) Dancer’s pose toss. Like paper toss, play a game with your co-workers by striking dancer’s pose and having them try to shoot wads of used paper through the loop. Testing your strength, balance, and flexibility with this lovely posture. Minus 10 points if a flying object hits you.

4) Tabletop picnic. Ditch the cafeteria. Who needs to sit down at a table when your colleagues have got you?

I have to say, chilling on my imaginary chair, playing with shadows on the wall was a great way to spend my break!

I was up all night and now am super sleep deprived, high on cough drops, and sick as a dawg. My weekend will be spent recuperating so off I go. Have a fabulous and healthy weekend!