30 for 30 challenge - day 18

(cardigan from jacob, shirt from h&m, belt from mom’s closet, pants from Ann Taylor Petite, shoes from nine west, scarf from a street vendor in Barcelona)

You know on America’s Next Top Model (my guilty pleasure), how in every season Tyra Banks drills into the girls that they need to “smile with the eyes” aka “smize“? I don’t get it. Every time I try to smile with my eyes, I get all squinty. Or I look really sleepy. Don’t I look really tired in this photo? Try it. Grab a mirror and try smize-ing and report back here, please!

It probably doesn’t help that I also just start giggling uncontrollably when my photo is being taken.

On another note, I hope I’m not getting sick. I’m starting to get an itchy sort of feeling in my throat and my nose is doing all sorts of funky things. And I’m taking a 7am flight into Edmonton and it’s lovely -30 degree Celsius weather Monday morning? Think it will be okay if I call in sick for the conference? =)