day 13 - 30 for 30 challenge, daily outfit

(shirt from rw&co, skirt from smart set, belt from nine west, tights from sears, shoes from nine west)

Yesterday, I took a day off work to just relax and it was glorious! I slept in, went to a 90 minute hot yoga session and then lazed around until my volleyball game (which we won, by the way!).

I also stumbled upon this blog and was so inspired! To be brave enough to quit a steady, full-time job and have no real plans for a year is a scary, scary thought. But imagine the freedom!

I think if I had that kind of time, I would head south to South America and climb Machu Picchu, volunteer in Africa with Free The Children, take my parents back to China and Taiwan to rediscover roots, and pursue my full Yoga certification (of course, in some place exotic like India or Indonesia!). I would also spend my time writing and blogging, getting reacquainted with sewing and craft, spend time with family, and generally just doing things that I love to do.

What would you do with a year off?