daily outfit, 30 for 30 challenge - feb 14

(sweater from INC -Macy’s, shirt from Jacob, belt from Macy’s, skirt from Daffy’s, shoes from flea market in San Jose)

Have you ever had one of those days? The ones where you wonder, “I got up for this?”

Yup, totally having one of those blah days.

I got up earlier than usual, due to an early morning meeting at my work’s downtown location. I hopped onto the subway and then it began. The trains were packed. There is no service between two key stations. Service both ways will be extra slow. And that means, I’m going to be late!

After getting off the train, I was pushed and shoved by hordes of anxious people, couldn’t see the signs through the sea of suits, took the wrong exit, ran huffily into the office and did a sweep of my meeting place. No colleague in sight. I call his phone, “Oh, we have a meeting downtown? I’m at Head Office [Me: GRRR]. My calendar has been acting up lately…”

Normally, I would have just stayed downtown but alas, I had another meeting at Head Office. So I jumped back on the train and when I got there, I got a meeting notice indicating it had been rescheduled. Double GRRR.

Then the cafeteria didn’t have my favourite bread. A colleague who was sick came over and spread germs all over my desk area. Cell phone battery died. My bamboo plant is dying (okay, that has been long time coming but still…).

Le sigh.

Highlight of the day? Seeing my man for lunch in celebration for Valentine’s Day! That definitely put a smile on my face! ❤

Things can only go up from here, right?