30 for 30 challenge daily outfit - feb 11

(sweater from smart set, pants from Ann Taylor, shoes from a flea market in San Jose, necklace from my mom’s closet)

I fully intended on posting this earlier but of course, weekend plans got in the way. I seriously need to learn to slow down and just chill! After Friday night belly dance class, the boy and I met up with friends for dinner at a cozy Italian place and had a four course meal (anitpasto: calimari, secondo: lamb shank, contorni: insalata, dolce: key lime pie). My chair was made out of a wine barrel! The thing about Italian food for me is that it’s hit or miss – I don’t think I’ve ever had Italian food that I could truly say was exceptional! But it was time well spent in good company so I’m not complaining!

Yesterday, I was ambitious and went to both a Body Attack class and then met up with a friend for a hot yoga class…I’m feeling it today, that’s for sure. Did I mention in about an hour, I’m going to be going to a Zumba class? What is wrong with me?!

Things I also need to do today:
– meet up with some girl friends for a chat
– clean my room
– bake more muffins
– spend time with the ‘rents
– finish reading The Amber Spyglass

Sigh. Why are weekends so short?