30 for 30 daily outfit - feb 13

(vest from joe fresh kids, dress from h&m, cardigan from ralph lauren, belt from zara, necklace from a friend, boots from joe fresh, purse from charles & david)

Steamy mirrors, lipstick kisses, heart shaped cookies, sweaty & shirtless men. Yup, that just about describes my morning! Did I mention that there were hip thrusts and chest pops?

This is what happens when you throw a Zumba fundraiser for 50 enthusiastic members.

I’m not kidding. The club was bumpin’, booties were shakin’, and clothes were shed. The energy in that room was out of the world and left me with a fuzzy feeling all day!

It’s a shame that rhythm I don’t get along and that swagger and I have never met. I mean, I grew up in the ‘hood, I should be able to boogie and break it down! Sadly, this is about as hood as I get.



Yeah, that’s right. You should be.