30 for 30 challenge daily outfit - feb 10

(blazer from urban behaviour, shirt from h&m, skirt from Daffy’s, shoes from aldo, belt from jacob, necklace from Cuba)

I’ve been in training all week and one thing that’s been consistent in all trainings that I’ve ever been to is that they tend to start with a ‘let’s discover ourselves’ session, which digs deep into the questions: How well do you know yourself? How well do others know you?

A ‘personality’ assessment that I did stated I have a fairly outgoing personality. But my friend pointed out that I tend not to give away a lot of personal details in regular conversation, which is puzzling. To a certain degree, I think that is true. If I’m not asked, then I won’t tell. Perhaps I think that the other person isn’t interested or my brain has wandered elsewhere or those type of deep conversations make me uncomfortable so I just don’t go there!

It’s a really tough exercise to do, thinking about those two questions. Are you able to describe to me who you are, and how well would the perception and knowledge of those around you align with your truth?

(On a lighter note, I locked my keys in my car today…DOH!)