One of the best parts of traveling is sampling all the local foods. Here’s a taste of tantalizing treats that we’ve encountered:

cau lau - vietnam food
Cau Lau = a rice noodle dish made from water from a special well in Hoi An

white flower - vietnam food
White flower = a shrimp and pork dumpling from Hoi An

hoi an pancakes - vietnam food
Hoi An pancakes = a shrimp pancake with vegetables, wrapped in rice paper and dipped in peanut sauce

elephant ear fish - vietnam food
Elephant ear fish = a fish from the Mekong Delta, frying and beautifully presented, experienced at the Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City

pho (vietnam)
Pho = a staple of Vietnamese cuisine; rice noodles in beef, chicken, or vegetable broth, topped with bean sprouts, onions, coriander and cilantro, drizzled with lime juice

rice - vietnam food
Colourful rice = flavoured orange, green, and purple rice, mixed with peanuts, coconut shavings, and sauce

food - baquette, vietnam
Baguettes and bananas = not exactly an exotic treat but these two foods are ones we’ve had pretty much everyday, as hostels like to serve them for breakfast, and restaurants think a plain banana is a dessert.

kem com, vietnam food
Kem Cốm = green rice ice cream, a popular dessert in Hanoi and surrounding area (what the little girl is holding!)

Sugar cane juice = squeezed from fresh sugar cane and lemons
Vietnamese coffee (and that of the Weasel variety) = I am not a coffee drinker but to curb tiredness, I’ve gotten in to the happen of having Vietnamese coffee and it’s so delicious, due to the giant amount of condense milk that they put in it. We also tried weasel coffee, which is a variation from Luwak coffee from Indonesia…google it! =)

To bring some of this local flavour back to Toronto, we took a cooking class where we made chicken wontons, papaya salad, beef with lemongrass in banana leaf, fish in a clay pot, and seafood soup.