30 for 30 challenge - day 4
(cardigan from jacob, shirt from macy’s, pants from banana republic, shoes from nine west, necklace from my mom’s closet)

Two style lessons learned today:
1) Don’t be afraid to mix colours! I normally wear a lot of black and I’ve never tried this blue, yellow, grey combo but I like it! What do you think of it?
2) Think about wearing accessories in different ways. My necklace is actually a belt! What are some ways that you remix your accessories?

Before we go on, I must confess. I did something terrible. Totally against the rules and I am a little ashamed. But before you all judge me, let me just reiterate that Toronto is very cold at the moment. There is lots of snow and my feet are ALWAYS freezing.

I bought a new pair of winter boots.

I know, I know, I’m not supposed to buy anything during the 30 for 30 challenge. But I seriously needed footwear so my toes don’t freeze. It’s hard to believe I live in Canada and don’t own proper winter boots. You wouldn’t want me getting frostbite, would you?

As penitence, I am removing an item from my 30 for 30 selection in hopes that it makes up for my going off track! Cross my heart and hope to die, no more purchases!

After belly dance class today with A, I met up with my boy and we had delicious Mexican food (I am on a taco kick!), followed by a stroll in my favourite used bookstore. A great start to the weekend!

taco salad