30 for 30 challenge remix, feb 3
(shirt from Gap, skinny pants from Levi’s)

When I picked out my 30 items for the challenge, I made one oversight – I didn’t pick anything red to wear for Chinese New Year! Legend has it that the colour red scares away a beast that preys on humans. It is also considered lucky. Since I worked from home today, I dressed down in a really simple, comfortable outfit.

As a kid, I looked forward to Chinese New Year for one reason – the red pocket! But now, I find it so interesting to observe the customs and rituals. On New Year’s Eve, we lit incense and offered food to our ancestors, then bowed to them, and only ate after our ancestors were “full”. We then wished a happy new year, health, and prosperity to our elders and exchanged red pockets.

Today, it was all about family. My cousins, aunt, uncles, Ah-ma, and some close family friends gathered at our place for a boisterous lunch. I’m still so stuffed!

I’m told that on the second day of the new year, it is tradition to go to gather at my mother’s side of the family (for me, that would be at my uncle’s place here).

Do you celebrate lunar new year? What are some of your traditions?