*sent on August 4, 2009 from Hong Kong; part 4 of 4*

Waking up today, I was greeted with the news that Tropical Storm Goni has prompted HK to raise warning level 1, with a pending level 3 warning later in the day.  The kicker – it was slated to go to a level 8 tomorrow, at which point the storm is so severe that everything is closed, and most flights are re-scheduled – very likely my flight to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow will be one of them!

There wasn’t much to do but wait for the verdict.  The streets were wet and it was raining but I didn’t want a little rain to dampen my last day in HK.  I barely spent any time on HK island and there are TONS of attractions and sights to see and do.  We opted for Repulse Bay, a beach area, and Stanley Market.

To be honest, I was fairly disappointed with both! After having gone to Cuba last year, this beach pales in comparison and Stanley Market was a very touristy area. The highlight was the winding bus ride around the mountain to get to these sites.

At this point, we got a call that HK had raised the warning level to 3, which is still okay, it just indicates high winds and rain.  We headed to the Central area for some lunch at a restaurant that specialized in tripe, beef intestines and other interesting innards (I didn’t order those items…not my cup of tea!).   In this area, there is an outdoor escalator that takes you up the mountain and at each level, you can get off and do shopping or grab a bite to eat.  We then headed back to Tsim Sha Tsui to browse the stores.

After 4 days in Hong Kong – I am exhausted!!! I need to learn to take it easy and not cram so many things into one day. All in all, HK was a lot of fun and I would definitely come back!  As for the next city on my travel itinerary, Ho Chi Minh City, we’ll have to see how that pans out tomorrow.

Hope everything is well with you all. Let me know what’s up with you!

Until next time,

P.S. This is a really long email, sorry! Will try to be more brief!
P.P.S.  Also sorry if I forgot anyone, feel free to forward!
P.P.P.S.  Sorry again, I would have attached photos but I realized I forgot to bring the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Major OOPS!!!