This cat, Miso, is saying: “No! Don’t make me!” Clearly, she doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow either!

What a busy week. I feel like I barely got any rest. A full week of fitness, including my first belly dance lesson which went really well, a belated birthday dinner, and a weekend trip to visit an old friend!

Over the holidays, my friend Y and I met up with our former university roommate, C, and her new boyfriend to catch up. We put a stake in the ground to visit them before the end of January. So this weekend was spent in the Hammer (where C is working on her PhD), checking out their new digs, and playing with their three cats.

Can I just say that I impatiently await the day I move into my own place and have the creative freedom to decorate? I love what C did with her place!

Saturday was busy – indoor soccer game, greasy hangover food at the local all day breakfast joint, a two-hour nap, a swim, a steam in the sauna, followed by tacos for dinner!

(FYI: I made the guacamole so I am counting that towards my goal of cooking more!)

It was a great weekend but one thing is for sure, this weekend sure made me feel like I was an old fart! I mean, two consecutive late nights (an oddity for me to see 3am!) and I am exhausted!

The moment really hit me when we entered into the campus grad pub. You know the kind, dim lighting, loud music, and a moshpit of sweaty and inebriated but happily dancing students. I felt so out of place, like I’m young and old all at the same time. Do you ever feel that way?