*sent on August 4, 2009 from Hong Kong; part 2 of 4 (read part 1 here)*

My travel mantra is that I can sleep when I’m dead.  We got up bright and early, walked down Electric Road (well-known for many of their restaurants).  The intent of the day was to head to the biggest island in HK called Lantau to visit the giant seated Buddha, visit Tai O fishing village, take a ferry to Cheng Chau Island (which used to be inhabited by pirates), and then to Lamma Island for tasty seafood delights. I guess we were a little too ambitious!

Going to Lantau Island was fun since we took the Ngong Ping 360, a cable car that takes you over the mountains to Lantau Island in about 25 minutes. 

The view was amazing! Once there, we toured around Ngong Ping Village, visited the Po Lin monastery, then climbed the steps to the Big Buddha.  There are tons of trails and hikes that you can do around the area as well but we opted for a short walk to the Wisdom Path where we saw a mountainous landscape and wooden pillars with carvings on them, arranged in a figure eight.

Tai O fishing village was unexpectedly interesting. Most of the houses there were built on stilts and walking down the main streets, you can watch as people make snacks, buy live seafood, and purchase lots of trinkets.  We tried a peanut-filled cake, fresh clams (cooked right in front of you as you wait), and roasted squid.

By this time, it was late afternoon and our feet were sore and we were exhausted! The plan to head to Cheng Chau and Lamma was nixed as we were told that most of the stores there were closed at that point and the ferries were few and far between.  That said, we took a 40 minute ferry ride back to Hong Kong Island.