Photo credit: Flickr (charitykennedy)

If I’m going to meet my 2011 goals, I definitely need to assess where I am currently at and create an action plan! I really like making lists…

To run a 10K by June 30th, 2011
Current: I ran a 5K in Oct 2010, in just under 30 minutes. Hoping that is a strong enough foundation.
Action: I think the key here will be to work on my endurance (see my next goal). And to find a consistent running buddy! (Any takers?)

To attend 2 cardio classes/week, 1 day of running, and hot yoga at least 2x per month (in addition to my 2 BodyFlow classes)
Current: (M) BodyAttack, (T) Volleyball, (W) BodyFlow, (T) BodyFlow, (F) rest (S) maybe BodyAttack (S) rest.
Action: I need to get motivated to get active during the weekends! I think I will aim to add a jog or cardio workout on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a hot yoga class every other weekend.

To sew 4 things this year (including a pencil skirt for a friend which I promised to her 3 years ago)
Current:This will be a challenge! My sewing stuff is stashed in my cold, basement which is such a deterrent.
Action: Look through my fabric inventory and see what I have to work with. I will start with a test skirt for myself and then if all goes well, move onto a pencil skirt for my friend.

To accessorize more and to shop my closet
Current: My closet is pretty much a disaster at the moment. Clothes strewn, stuffed in drawers, hard to find things.
Action: To clean and organize my closet (and to donate items I don’t wear anymore). Hoping a dig for lost gems will prove fruitful. Must try to plan outfits the night before vs. a mad dash in the morning. Will try to mix and match items better. I don’t have a lot of accessories so I may look into making a couple statement necklaces that can jazz up neutral outfits.

To read at least 1 book per month
Current:I’m doing well on this one so far. I am currently reading The Golden Compass series by Philip Pullman and am already on the third book.
Action: Put together a “must read” book list.

To cook at least once per week
Current: I bake occasionally but am lucky enough that my mom does most of the cooking.
Action: Put together a list of recipes to try and buy ingredients for one recipe each week.

To take at least 1 picture per week
Current: My Canon Digital Rebel aka MegaTron is sitting on the floor in a bag. And I really don’t use it except for special events
Action: Take photos of food items I make or outfits I create

To plant a herb & vegetable garden
Current: There are piles of snow everywhere…I think I’m safe to leave this one until spring.
Action: However, the lovely Ming did offer me some herb seeds which I gladly accepted and will hang onto until the time is right for planting.

To run an event for GoodLife Kids Foundation
Current: I’ve participated in fundraisers but haven’t initiated anything.
Action: Chat with a couple fellow instructors to see if we can build a strong and enthusiastic team.

To spend more time with family
Current: I’m fairly busy during the week due to work and teaching. I am rarely home to spent time with the ‘rents.
Action: Will dedicate time on weekends to spend at home.

To keep in touch with friends more often via phone, email, dates,etc.
Current: Sporadic at best, mostly through email and text.
Action: Keep blogging, respond to emails in more timely manner, and get together for tea dates!